Wheel Alignment

Incorrect wheel alignment can create a host of drive ability and premature wear problems, so it’s best to get the vehicle inspected as soon as it’s noticed. Even if it’s not a safety issue for your vehicle, the money saved by not prematurely wearing your tires will often exceed the cost of the alignment itself. Any time the alignment is checked, all the steering and suspension components should be checked as well, since worn components are a common cause of alignment going out of specification. After having the suspension checked and an alignment performed, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by how nice the car drives.

One of the most common causes of pulling to either the left or right is that the wheels are out of alignment. Bad alignment can also cause loose handling or wandering, a vibration or shimmy in the steering wheel, or the steering wheel not being centered when your car is moving forward. Other causes for pulling may be brake problems or even a bad tire. If you notice any of these symptoms you should have your car’s alignment checked by our certified technician like Josh as soon as possible.

Josh Adams - Suspension